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Let Striktly administration software do the heavy work for you. Manage your administration, project management and client follow-up from one platform. Start today and take control of your administration.

Get control of your administration

Striktly helps sign companies just like you with their daily paperwork. Manage your billing, projects, scheduling, expenses and finances from one platform that you can use on any device. Convenient, right? 1000+ others went before you. Start today and take control of your administration.

What Striktly can do for sign companies

Digging through a mountain of paperwork is often an arduous task. But with our automatic accounting link, this becomes a piece of cake! Periodically forward all your invoices to your accountant and save time and effort.
Forget the administrative hassle with your lettering projects thanks to Striktly! Easily create sales invoices and scan purchase invoices and receipts with our expenses app.
Through the Codabox connection, payments are automatically tracked and displayed in a clear dashboard. This allows you to see at a glance which invoices are still outstanding. Our reminder system makes it easy to send payment reminders.
With our templates, you can create quotes, orders, invoices and other documents in just a few clicks. This allows you to interact faster with your customers and suppliers and you are always ready for the next challenge.

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Whether you are just starting out, or are already familiar with software, we are happy to personally guide you through the process with our award-winning Striktly Support Service.

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